Principles and values of the organization

This is a commitment that is part of VIA MAGNA. In the safety of our employees, in our integrated management model, in the decisions and investment of resources, allowing for stability and continuous growth.

An attribute of VIA MAGNA that she do not waiver. Conquered every day, through solid relationships.

These are values that represent the company’s history. Via Magna has its relations based on ethics. These values represent the essence of the organization and are perceived by the market as advantages in the way of delivering and producing results in all the projects that VIA MAGNA implements.

Quality, safety, environmental responsibility and workers health

Via Magna always develops his activities with QUALITY seeking the best possible results.

Our activities are always in accordance with SUSTAINABILITY, meeting the needs of current generations without compromising the future of the next. We maintain an Environmental Management system with rules that fully comply with the legislation. We monitor activities on aspects and impacts, establishing control measures.

Integral Management Methodology

Quality in the execution of services and customer service. Safety and health of employees. Respect for the environment. Social responsability. Our INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGY is based on these pillars. INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGY brings together concepts and guidelines applied to the Organization’s premises and values. During all stages of the developed projects, the rules of quality, environment, health, safety and social responsibility are applied. Respect and seriousness provide greater value for customers and strengthen sustainability, promoting economic, social and environmental development.

Social Responsability

A topic of great concern for VIA MAGNA. Strongly connected to the company’s business, this task encompasses all audiences, including employees, customers, suppliers, the community and the government. A process of awareness and help, which is part of VIA MAGNA’s action plan for the benefit of an increasingly better society. In the communities where it has been operating, the company tries to participate in solving local needs. Seeking to give priority to the most important projects that bring more benefits to society, providing the social insertion of the less favored classes.

Occupational health and safety

The physical integrity of VIA MAGNA employees is one of our main concerns, as human resources are the most precious asset within our organization. For this purpose, prevention actions were established in our internal policies, which are implemented and disseminated based on the Occupational Health and Safety guidelines. VIA MAGNA’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System establishes measures and procedures for complying with legislation and preventing accidents in order to obtain the indicators established in its internal management policy. The “Management Show” is a program that evaluates and measures the effectiveness of the production teams in terms of QUALITY, WORK SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH. The program team goes to the advanced work fronts on a monthly basis and conducts evaluations with each supervisor and his team. It is a management tool that improves work routines and results. Throughout the implementation period, several company teams were winners. During the awards celebration of the teams involved, we evaluated the commitment of leaders and employees.